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Do you ever ask yourself if there is more to life? Have you reached a dead end on your current path? Do you feel helpless in your present situation? Are you depressed, anxious or bored? You may feel there is so much more you want to do – but what is it? How do you find it?
How do you uncover that buried passion?

How I Can Help You

My first book, There Is Nothing To Fear, documents my breakdown and subsequent enlightenment. I would like to share with you my first-hand experience of being at this point in life – and the tools I used to help me find my way will help you also. You will discover so
much more about yourself, as well as having fun along the way. I can help you to not only find your path, but to enjoy the process of discovery.

I will be adding more to this site in time, but for now, head over to read about my book There Is Nothing To Fear, which not only documents my own journey – but has many helpful tips for you. My aim is for you to enjoy the process of discovering what is lying within you, to feel no pressure, and to make changes with confidence.

Why Horse Magic Stories?

Whilst going through therapy when I had my breakdown, I uncovered my passion for horses. My journey with my own horses has led me to new learnings, and so often I see myself in them. I discovered a way of training my horses which directly relates to what I also needed growing up – kindness, understanding, acceptance and joy – as we all do. In the right environment you can learn anything.

The horses have taught me so much – and in my next books you will hear about my journey with them and what I have learnt. We are so much more than we think we are…. And so are the horses. We can do amazing things – if we have an environment of kindness, compassion and understanding. My books, courses, and other information are contained here – under the umbrella of Horse Magic Stories. It is in those stories where we come together to learn and grow.

About the Book

Congratulations! You are having a breakdown!

These are the words Heather Binns heard when she sought help for her crisis. She never dreamt that a breakdown would be the best thing to happen to her!
By reaching this point in her life, Heather’s breakdown enabled her to change direction, find a new path and discover her true self. She now lives her most authentic life. 
Through writing, Heather opens up a whole new world – a world full of love – but not without journeying through pain. She discovers a long-buried passion, experiences a different view of the world we live in and relives a grief that spans two lifetimes.
This engaging and empowering book doesn’t only tell her story: each chapter also offers helpful advice to the reader and details the lessons she learnt along the way.
If you too have found yourself at a crossroads in life and want to find your passion and true self, you just need to begin!
So, get yourself a cup of tea, settle in and immerse yourself in this inspiring story.
Remember, you are never alone and there is nothing to fear.”

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