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Heather Binns is the author of There is Nothing to Fear. She adopted this motto as a result of her breakdown 20 years ago that led to her finding her real self and long-buried passion. The experience opened her up to the unseen world and connectedness of everything. 

Heather has run a fun group for women called Adventure Girls, has been a psychic reader and has taught courses in psychic development, finding your purpose and meditation. She practises transcendental meditation TM® daily and is an animal communicator, with her focus on horses. She has worked as a Nursing Mothers counsellor, run group meetings for women and majored in counselling during her Social Science studies.

Heather lives on a large property near Coffs Harbour NSW Australia with her husband Doug, her four horses and her Ragdoll cat, Roger.  She has two adult children, Matt and Emma, who are happily settled in life with their partners.

When she is not writing, she spends her time with her horses, who are trained with positive reinforcement.

Heather will be adding more content to her website and is currently working on future courses and retreats.

Sue Usher, Heather’s sister, has many years’ experience working in all areas of administrative work and has managed her own business.

Sue lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with her husband, Pete, Lucy, the border collie, and Ted, the tabby cat, and is active in the local community. She has twin adult sons, Jack and Tom.

She helps Heather with many aspects of the business, from administrative work, to design advice, as well as proofreading and editing.

She is also Heather’s partner in fun – they love attending live music events and mini holiday breaks together.

Sue was diagnosed with Myeloma – a blood cancer – over 10 years ago.  Medical advances with this cancer, which is incurable, have kept her going.  For more information on Myeloma, head to this page https://myeloma.org.au/

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