There is Nothing To Fear

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There is Nothing To Fear

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Congratulations! You are having a breakdown!

These are the words Heather Binns heard when she sought help for her crisis. She never dreamt that a breakdown would be the best thing to happen to her!
By reaching this point in her life, Heather’s breakdown enabled her to change direction, find a new path and discover her true self. She now lives her most authentic life.

Through writing, Heather opens up a whole new world – a world full of love – but not without journeying through pain. She discovers a long-buried passion, experiences a different view of the world we live in and relives a grief that spans two lifetimes.

This engaging and empowering book doesn’t only tell her story: each chapter also offers helpful advice to the reader and details the lessons she learnt along the way.

If you too have found yourself at a crossroads in life and want to find your passion and true self, you just need to begin!

So, get yourself a cup of tea, settle in and immerse yourself in this inspiring story.

Remember, you are never alone and “there is nothing to fear.”


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